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Health Care Lighting
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Thin, flexible high output LED light sheets that last 22 years
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LED Fluorescent/HID for Clean-rooms, Hazardous, Medical, Wet-Damp Locations and Food Processing.
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Premier manufacturer of Track, Accent, Display and LED Lighting Systems
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Louis Poulsen USA, Inc.
Architectural Specification Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
Louvers International
Louvers & Replacement Lens
LumenArt Ltd.
LumenArt creates contemporary decorative energy efficient fixtures.
Award winning, high-performance LED fixtures available in a myriad of optics, colors, accessories and finishes
Luminaire LED, Inc.
Vandal Resistant Lighting
Decorative Interior & Exterior LED Products
Custom Lighting Fabrication
Lux Dynamics
High Abuse, Extreme Efficiency, LED &Fluorescent High-bays, American Made
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Decorative Architectural Interior & Exterior Luminaires.
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DC Dimming, MH Shades, MH ArcKeepers
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Decorative Architectural Interior & Exterior Luminaires.
Selux Lighting
Architectural interior and exterior light fixtures including LED, solar powered, and dark-sky certified fixtures
LED Lamps, Speaker Lamps, Flat Panels
Signal Tech
Custom LED Signage
SoftForm Lighting
softform L I G H T I N G, illuminating interiors with our unique, visually superior, stretched fabric light forms
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LED Sportslighters, Floods, & High Mast
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